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Simon's Cat: Story Time

Based on the highly popular animated series, Simon and his cat face their biggest challenge yet. When the tranquility of suburban life is threatened by a huge building site, they mobilize the neighbors to help restore the mysterious wasteland before the diggers destroy it all. As the clock ticks down, players will solve challenging match-3 puzzles to help the community rebuild the gardens under the critical eye of the curmudgeonly next-door neighbor, Mr. Potts, who has a secret ancestral connection to the wasteland which he intends to keep buried forever. By completing puzzles, players will earn stars to unlock the next phase of the story and win coins to purchase game boosts to help complete difficult levels. Meet a huge cast of in-game animal and human characters, and discover the true meaning of community spirit in this adorable immersive addition to the Simon’s Cat franchise.

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Let's socialize!



Simon is an illustrator and a full-time cat daddy to two naughty cats: Cat and Kitten. He spends a lot of time talking to his cats (which some of the neighbors find a little strange), exploring his garden and the creatures that live in it. Simon can be very indecisive and shy so a lot of his decisions are motivated by the cat’s needs!


Simon and Cat are an unbreakable duo. Simon relies on Cat as much as Cat relies on Simon. Cat loves being outside and exploring the garden, and having his best friend Simon with him all day, makes for one very happy kitty. Although he tries to help, things don’t always go as smoothly as planned.


A cheeky little kitten who’s Iike an annoying younger brother to Simon’s Cat. He’s cute, a bit clumsy and always wants to play. He’s still learning about the world and will happily follow Simon’s Cat wherever he goes, watching his every move – much to the cat’s annoyance…


Penny has moved from the big city to focus on herself and to pursue yoga full time. Another factor in her move was her ex-boyfriend… He laughed at the suggestion of yoga full-time and being sick of his obsession with money (and his convertible) the countryside was the place to be. Chloe is her pride and joy pedigree cat. She is very protective of her fur baby!


Beautiful, sophisticated (and maybe a bit snobbish), Chloe is a pedigree princess of the gardens. Cat is infatuated by her and is constantly trying to impress her. Unfortunately for Cat, she isn’t easily impressed (but secretly finds him a little charming). She loves to wander which does leave Penny in a bit of a panic…

Mr Potts

Mr Potts is a classic grumpy next door neighbour. He loves gardening, but he doesn’t like cats, which is a real problem for Simon! He takes great lengths to keep animals out of his beloved garden, but this just makes it more exciting for the cats to explore! Simon and Mr Potts don’t always see eye to eye, but can Simon find his soft spot and win him round?


Teddy is a charming but slightly aloof feral cat, who has been living in the park for many years. He’s had to become an expert fisherman to survive, so you’ll often find him near a pond or lake. As Teddy often catches more than he can eat, Cat often drops by for lunch.