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Penny & Flo

Help Penny and Flo renovate the mansion of a former Hollywood actress to its former glory and match pieces to solve challenging puzzles. Dig into a story full of twists and turns as Penny and Flo make friends with a cast of colorful characters. Match pieces & start your mansion makeover – play with themed boosters & renovate the mansion rooms with dozens of customization options!




The daughter of a high school football coach, and the fiancee of Butch, who was once a football hero for her father’s team. She is about to get married to Butch, who is a good guy, but she doubts her own motives for getting married. There’s so much in life she hasn’t done yet…


A wedding planner… this week. A very spontaneous personality, her idea of training for a new profession is to watch a lot of YouTube videos about it, and then just do it. She occasionally does things she will regret later, like renting a classic 60s T-bird from a sketchy man in a back alley. Also, she is a terrible driver. But hey, that brought them all together…


Wildly successful athlete in high school. An injury kept him from professional football glory, but he remains an upbeat, happy, optimistic young man, ready to settle down with his lovely Penny and become a father to a lot of little football players.


Mike Jones is a local police officer. He meets Penny and Flo after they have crashed a car into Daphne’s house (a car that Flo “rented” in a back alley, and is probably stolen). He is attracted to Penny, and this complicates things for her. But he is also very respectful, and willing to just be Penny’s friend, if that’s better for her life.


90 years old, major film actress in B movies from the late 1940s into the mid-1970s. Her specialty was starring in knock-offs of more famous movies, such as The Breeze Has Departed and Born Reasonable. She has had a wild life of Hollywood glamor and free love, and she’s not done yet…


60-year-old daughter of Daphne, and the CEO of a cosmetics firm. Has a fierce rivalry with her mother, which sometimes looks like a blood feud. Tries to con Penny and Flo into helping her. Likes to do animal testing herself.


Member of a local motorcycle gang, normally found driving his Harley. Seems like a huge, intimidating guy who could break a normal person in half. In fact, he’s a gentle, philosophical, wise man, and usually comes up with the best solutions to problems. And the cats love him. As does everyone else.

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