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Time for talent with Preben Rosell

We’d like to introduce our Lily’s Garden Producer, Preben Rosell. Preben is one of the veterans here at Tactile, as he started almost 8 years ago as a producer on Bee Brilliant. Since then, he has been responsible for coordinating the production pipeline for Lily’s Garden. Preben’s colleagues would describe him as responsible, attentive and extremely supportive.

Preben, Producer, Lily’s Garden

Tactile: Hi Preben, could you tell us a bit more about what you do at Tactile?

Preben: The producer role is quite diverse with many different (and at times changing) tasks, but first and foremost I help coordinating what the team should focus on and how they should structure their work. Furthermore, I am responsible for getting our weekly releases ready and tackling issues that may occur in our live game or in our production pipeline.

Tactile: How did your journey as a Producer start?

Preben: I have a background in game and level design, but by chance I was pulled into a hybrid role almost 10 years ago, in which I had the opportunity to work with project management. Although I had never planned for this, I realised that I really loved the work and when I a few years later got the opportunity to switch to a producer role, I went for it. Now I cannot imagine doing anything else 🙂

Tactile: For people who would like to start their career, what do you think are the most important qualities that every Producer should have?


  • A drive to improve processes – There is always some aspect there that can be improved, regardless of how well it worked last quarter.
  • Be flexible – A producer’s role is ever changing with new tasks and responsibilities that comes with whatever the needs of the current project are.
  • Good verbal and written communication skills – As a producer you will communicate with a wide range of people from a range of different disciplines.
  • Solution-oriented – Look for solutions rather than problems!

Tactile: When you’re not at work, you are …

Preben: Besides spending as much time as possible with my kids, I love gardening, cycling and playing games.

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