Creating new visual assets as a UI Designer

Time for talent with Anders Breum

Anders is s a Tactile veteran, a multitalented artist & designer, and an integral part of our story for the past 14 years. We asked him to share more about his role at Tactile, how it has changed over the years and what’s a piece of advice he’d give to aspiring designers looking to break into the industry 🙌

Tactile: Hi Anders, could you tell us a bit more about what you do at Tactile?

Anders: I work at Tactile as a UI designer. I work with maintaining the general UI and gameboard in our game Lily’s Garden. I also develop and produce new features and board pieces for the game.

Tactile: You have been at Tactile for almost 14 years! How has your role changed over time and what has kept you here for so long? 🙂

Anders: Oh boy! Has it been that long?! The company was quite small when I started – so I worked as a multipurpose artist. Doing a bit of everything concerning visuals. As the company grew I was able to specialise in the UI area. It has been really special for me to be a part of Tactile growing from the basement backroom of an art gallery to a 5 story building full of people! It is something that makes me very proud to be part of.

Tactile: What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Anders: As a designer, I am privileged to be part of many of the different processes in the development of the game. So seeing a feature move from idea to completely functional game is really rewarding. Also it sounds corny but teamwork makes the dream work! When everybody comes together from all the different disciplines to make something great and engaging. Nothing quite like it. You see your own contribution in the bigger picture.

Tactile: What do you think are the most important qualities that every UI designer should have?

Anders: Be able to take criticism. Don’t take it personal but use it to better yourself. Be curious about advances in your field of work. For me having a background in animation has been a huge plus. With animation you can make everything come alive and help facilitate the emotions you want the player to feel.

Tactile: When you’re not at work, you are …

Anders: I plunge head first into the role of being a dad to 3 great kids. That comes with multitude of benefits like drawing ALOT, playing video games and so on. Also I have personal projects I work on.

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