“Asking for a friend …” The things you’ve always wanted to ask your recruiter

Are you curious to know what it’s like to work at Tactile Games, but are hesitant to ask certain questions during the interview process? As a candidate, it’s natural to have questions about the company you’re applying to, but it can be difficult to know what to ask, when to ask or even how to ask it.

We have gathered some of the most frequently asked questions that candidates are curious about, but may be hesitant to ask them when the time comes. In this article, we’ll cover questions regarding topics such as the recruitment process, salaries, company culture and mission, team dynamics, career development opportunities, and much more. Read below to find the answers!

What is the hiring process like at your company?

It usually consists of four steps, starting with an initial call with a recruiter, and then followed by an interview with the hiring manager, test assignment and a final team interview. The exact process varies depending on the position you’re interviewing for, but the main goals are finding the best technical fit for the role and also finding someone who will be a great cultural addition to the team. You can find the detailed process here.

What are the career development opportunities within your company?

All Tactilers have the opportunity to advance their careers by taking on new challenges and responsibilities, working on different projects, and learning brand new skills by taking courses. We don’t see titles as “career tracks” at Tactile. The flat structure lets people take their career into many different levels! Sometimes, if you are willing to, you can also grow as a functional Team lead and help with hiring new Tactilers, support your team with managing the workload, implementing new ideas and being the knowledge focal point for the team.

What is the salary range for this position?

The salary we offer depends on the candidate’s qualifications, experience and potential for growth. When we’re setting our salary ranges, we consider current market conditions and Tactilers’ current salary levels, because we deeply care about internal parity within our teams. You’ll have a chance to discuss your salary expectations at the first interview.

Here are some useful links for those coming from outside of Denmark with information on costs of living in Copenhagen:

Expatistan (for comparing costs of living between cities)


Income Tax Calculator

Why are you hiring for this position?

There are several reasons why specific positions are open within Tactile. We are still scaling-up as a company and currently have a lot of specialist positions open within our teams. But in general, we open new positions when a current employee is promoted to a new or different position, or due to the general expansion of our teams which is needed to support our business needs and priorities. We also open new positions to backfill the roles when our employees have decided to continue their career journeys outside of Tactile.

What are the company policies with regards to working hours and overtime?

Our working hours are standard office hours (37 hours per week), but we do offer some flexibility within that. Our core working hours are between 9.00-15.00. This means that you can start your working day anytime between 7:00-9:00 and finish between 15:00-17:00. We understand the importance of a good work-life balance, so we have a strong no overtime company policy. There’s a Danish expression “God fyraften”, which means “the work day is over, now go home and enjoy the evening not working”. We encourage all Tactilers to have a good rest after work and on weekends.

Are there any KPIs or metrics that I will be accountable for?

At Tactile, we focus on the overall job performance, feedback and goals rather than specific metrics. One of our core values is that results must be validated, which is why we are very data driven as a company. The KPIs are usually something that we look at as a team, not as an individual, and we generally don’t use KPIs in performance reviews. Instead, we use them to help guide us on the product side.

What is the feedback culture like in your company?

At Tactile, we work hard on creating an open and inclusive work environment. Being open and voicing opinions is one of our core values, so we encourage all Tactilers to constantly share ideas, feedback, constructive criticism and to ask questions. Our Talent & Culture team also regularly runs a workshop on giving and receiving feedback, to make sure that everyone at Tactile  has all the tools they need to be able to live up to that value.

How does your company foster diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace?

As a company of 300 employees from over 40 different nationalities, over 42% of which are women, we truly believe that a diverse workforce brings different perspectives and experiences, and therefore leads to more innovative and inclusive products. Our DEI efforts already start in our recruitment processes and extend into the day-to-day life at Tactile. We have a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination. It is important to us that all Tactilers are treated with kindness and respect.

How does your company foster employee engagement?

We offer various opportunities for employees to feel involved and invested in their work, such as regular team building activities, workshops, book clubs, opportunities for career advancement and skill development, open and transparent communication, and a supportive and inclusive work environment. Additionally, we gather feedback from all Tactilers through engagement surveys and use it to make meaningful changes in the workplace.

Do you provide relocation support if I’m not from Denmark?

Yes, we provide full relocation support to those coming from outside of Denmark. This includes visa sponsorship, support with navigating the bureaucratic processes in Denmark, flight tickets, up to 3 months of paid accommodation and a relocation budget for both the new employee and their partner, family and/or pets. We also have two Danish teachers at Tactile and offer free Danish lessons to all Tactilers who are interested in learning more about the local language and culture.

What benefits and perks do you offer?

We offer a comprehensive benefits package which includes pension, private health insurance, in-house Danish language courses, support with your learning (including books, courses, certifications and attending events) as well as fresh, healthy, organic daily breakfast and lunch prepared by our amazing kitchen crew. We also have flexible working hours and a hybrid work week format with two work from home days.

How does your company foster informal collaboration between teams?

We have several initiatives in place to promote team building and collaboration. These include our Friday bar tradition, team workshops and team buildings, our annual summer and Christmas parties, after-work activities, such as board game nights and movie clubs, and attending game conferences. We also hosted our very first game jam recently, which we hope will become a tradition.

What’s the onboarding process like at your company?

When starting your journey at Tactile, you can expect the onboarding process to be smooth and focused on making you feel comfortable and supported in your new position. We pair up all newcomers with a buddy, who is there to provide you with guidance and support in your first weeks at Tactile. Our team will make sure that you have all the resources and training you need to succeed.

What is your company culture like?

We work hard on nurturing a lean company culture, in which each individual is encouraged to grow and develop. At Tactile, we value trust and openness, and believe in empowering each other to take ownership and to speak up. We firmly believe that everyone counts and so we embrace, respect and appreciate the richness that different experiences bring. As a company, we also have a strong focus on details, which helps us to create fun, quirky and best-in-class games. We are also data-driven decision makers and use data to measure, validate and replicate our success. Technology empowers us to stay on top of our game. We believe in creating effective solutions without overcomplicating things, and we do so by following tech trends in the industry and using a modern technology stack.

Can you share if and how your company has been impacted by the current market instability?

The recent market instability has been challenging for many companies, but we’re happy to say that we’re doing well as a company. We had a smooth growth stage which helped us to build strong and well organised teams and enabled us to adjust workloads accordingly. We currently also have a number of open roles that we are actively hiring for to support our continued growth. The mobile games industry is booming and we’re confident in our ability to navigate through these challenging times.

Please note that the answers might slightly differ depending on the role that you’re applying for. We believe that being transparent and informative is the best way to help candidates understand what it’s like to work at Tactile Games and to make an informed decision. We hope this information will give you a comprehensive understanding of what to expect when before and after joining our team.

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