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Time for talent with Celia Gonzalez

Meet Celia Gonzalez 👋 She’s one of our superstar Product Managers and we’ve asked her to share more about her work at Tactile and what she finds the most rewarding about her role. Also, don’t miss out on her advice for aspiring Product Managers!

Tactile: Hi Celia, could you tell us a bit more about what you do at Tactile?

Celia: I work as a Product Manager on Lily’s Garden team, focusing mainly on the new features. I work closely with game design to define the goals for the feature, how we can achieve them and what is the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for testing the feature. I also work with developers and UI to ensure that the feature fulfils the set goals. Finally, I define how to test the feature and work with Data Science to analyze the data and to plan the next iterations.

Tactile: What was your journey to becoming a Product Manager?

Celia: I started as Data Scientist in the mobile games industry 8 years ago. As a Data Scientist, I learned a lot about games KPIs, monetization, user behaviour, A/B testing etc., and I discovered my passion for the product and for the industry. After that, the transition to Product Manager was quite natural for me.

Tactile: What do you like the most about the team you’re working with?

Celia: I love that everybody is really talented, and because we are a diverse team, I can learn a bit from everyone. I also like the work atmosphere, everybody helps each other and we work closely together to improve the game.

Tactile: What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Celia: The best part is when a feature that we’ve been working on goes to production and we can see the results of our work. It’s amazing to see that something you’ve been a part of is now played by millions of users!

Tactile: For people who would like to start their career, what do you think are the most important qualities that every Product Manager should have?

Celia: I think a good Product Manager should have an analytical mind and a great understanding of the industry. I would recommend you to learn some SQL and analytics, play a lot of games and try to understand why users come back to a game, why they make a purchase, etc.

Tactile: When you’re not at work, you are …

Celia: Maybe grabbing a drink with my friends or running in one of the great Copenhagen parks, or maybe roller blading if the weather is good enough!

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