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Time for talent with Roche Ng

Meet Roche Ng, one of our amazing female engineers, working as a part of our Game Content Tools team. Read more about her story below & don’t miss out on her advice for those aspiring to work in game programming!

Tactile: Hi Roche, could you tell us a bit about what you do at Tactile?

Roche: Sure! I’m a proud member of the Content Tools team, and our main goal is to make life easier for our fellow creators. We create digital tools that simplify tasks like content creation, organization, sharing, and analysis. For example, we’ve developed a flowchart importer that takes the hassle out of moving flowcharts into Unity (see the screenshot below). We also have our very own custom map editor, which streamlines the content creation process.

Flowchart importer tool

Tactile: What was your journey to becoming a Game Programmer?

Roche: I’ve always been fascinated by the magic behind creating video games, and that curiosity drew me into the world of programming. As I wrapped up my bachelor’s in computer science, it became clear that my heart was set on specializing in game development. So, I pursued a master’s degree in this field and now I get to bring my passion to life every day!

Tactile: What do you like the most about the team you’re working with?

Roche: We are a very small team, but I appreciate each member very much. My teammates are very talented at what they do. They are good people who always inspire me to do better and aim for improvement. Plus, we get to work with different projects instead of only one, and I think that’s fantastic!

Tactile: What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Roche: We spend a lot of time fine-tuning tools tailored to the specific needs of different teams within the organization, so the real joy for me comes from witnessing these tools in action. It’s like being part of an inventive process where our solutions are not just wanted but eagerly requested by various teams. This sense of being creators and problem-solvers makes our work truly rewarding!

Custom Map Editor tool

Tactile: What are your top tips for those (especially other women) aspiring to pursue a career in game programming?

Learn and PRACTICE: Gaining a strong foundation in programming concepts is important, but nothing beats practice. Dedicate time to practicing and honing your coding skills.
Build a Portfolio: Create your own game projects, contribute to open-source game development efforts, participate on game jams! Building a portfolio of your work not only showcases your skills but also demonstrates your commitment to potential employers.
Network and Connect: It’s not always easy to land your first job, or even your first internship. This is why networking is invaluable. Consider attending game development conferences, workshops, and meet-ups in order to connect with like-minded professionals, learn from others in the industry, and discover job opportunities.
Believe in Yourself: Lastly, believe in your abilities and the value you bring to the industry. Your unique perspective and creativity can contribute to the creation of amazing games. Game development can be challenging, but don’t be discouraged by obstacles or setbacks. Keep pushing forward and continue learning.

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