Bringing new players to our games with engaging marketing assets

Time for talent with Guadlupe Suárez

If you’ve ever downloaded one of our games from the app stores or visited our games SoMe pages, you could have been drawn in by the catchy icon or the fun and colorful graphics. Behind these assets is a talented team of Graphic Designers, including the wonderful Guadalupe Suárez 👋

Guadalupe, Graphic Designer, Creative Marketing team

Tactile: Hi Guadalupe, could you tell us a bit more about what you do at Tactile?

Guadalupe: I work at Tactile as a Graphic Designer within the Creative Marketing team. My main task is designing assets like game icons, screenshots, feature graphics, interstitials, etc. for different digital platforms to invite users to download our games.

Tactile: What is the best thing about your team?

Guadalupe: The people I work with are super talented, fun, and good team players. We are always sharing knowledge, we help each other, and we move forward together. Another awesome thing this team has is a great sense of humor!

Tactile: What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Guadalupe: I would say it is quite rewarding to work on a graphic that performs well enough to be applied. This is because before implementing any of the assets we make, they need to be tested to see how they perform. These tests give us data on how much interest users show in these graphics and in downloading and playing our games. If one of these assets performs well, then it can go live on different platforms. I find it very motivating to work on new ideas or to try and develop a certain concept in many different ways and formats.

Tactile: What do you think are the most important qualities that every graphic designer should have?

Guadalupe: I think it is important to find out what turns on your creativity, to be open to feedback, and to never stop learning. It is also great to master as many tools as possible to be flexible, versatile and have options to transmit and materialize what you need to communicate.

Tactile: When you’re not at work, you are …

Guadalupe: As a mother of two small kids, most of my time goes there. There is a lot of drawing, playing, and storytelling (voices included). There is some gardening too, as we have a green garden with a few kinds of vegetables. I also enjoy meeting with my friends, drawing comics, and playing drums.

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